We Support Mothers – Why We work with iNdependent Contractors

Since 1989 Sun Cleaning has worked with Independent Contractors why?

1. We Support Moms
The women that come to us for clients don’t want to be tied down to a 40-hour job with times they have to be in the office. They want to work when they want, where they want. They want to be able to spend time with their family.

With us, they call to get clients which we get through marketing, and then can work based on your requested times. They are free to work when they want.

2. Quality
Being independent it is their business; they have the skills from cleaning their own way. There are no checklists we give them its years of experience in their particular skill. They come to us and tell us the specific skills they have and we find the best fit for you. It is a win-win situation.

We keep a list of specific cleaning skills, such as cleaning marble, cleaning wood, etc.… and send the right independent contractor that is best for the job. These are small businesses and many times a sole person, not some huge cleaning company so they care about you.

3. Compensation
We have worked hard to come up with specific job pricing that works for them. We charge 30% per lead and that allows them to receive the majority of the revenue while we find the leads. Meaning they keep 70%. This is the hardest part for a small independent cleaner and mother is finding clients we fill that void.

We help communicate the needs and match up the independent contractor with you.

4. Freedom
The people that come to us have their own clients and their own small business which we support. They don’t have to give us their clients, or we don’t take them away. The ONLY thing we require is they don’t take the people we find for them and that as part of our agreement, we continue to help with communication and provide the details of your needs to them. Also, as your needs change we can send different independent contractors to you based on specific skills needed.

5. Why are we here?
One we are here to help support mothers and individual small businesses. We find clients for them which is the hardest thing to do. We then also communicate your needs to them and make sure we are sending the right independent contractors for your needs. We help find and team them up when necessary, this is another challenge, most times you are going to need more than one and we help find those and match them up.

Two we find leads for independent contractors as this is what we do, marketing and that helps these small businesses and mothers who don’t have the time to do the marketing because they are cleaning or with their families.

6. What about liability?
These are independent small businesses. The independent contractor takes care of their own workman’s compensation, liability insurance, transportation, and taxes.

7. Who do you pay?
You can pay them directly or for convenience you can pay us and we will take our 30% and give them the 70% they are paying us to help communicate with you.

8. What supplies do you use?
You should provide your own items because of the COVID Pandemic. The independent contractors have their own they use, but when you call we will discuss what you should give them. It is always best because of specific materials we recommend you buy your own cleaning supplies. There are times that the independent contractor may request something special based on a specific skill.

9. Do we work with men?
Over the years we have worked with men we do not discriminate. The majority of the people that come to use for leads are mothers and single mothers who have cleaning experience and specific skills looking to find more clients for their small business. They want freedom and not the requirements of a large cleaning company and job keeping them away from their children. But we do sell leads to anyone and help communicate, but generally, we work with mothers.

10. Where do you work?
We started in Broward County in 1989 and that is where most of the leads come in from, but we do get calls from all over the country and we try to find the right Independent contractor.

11. What do you do for me?
We handle the communication and assignment of independent contractors based on your specific needs. We also work to find independent contractors that fit your schedule and theirs. You are the boss, and we are helping facilitate your needs.

12. Why is the company named Glossinger Holdings Inc. dba Sun Cleaning?
Glossinger Holdings Inc. is a company that purchases cleaning names for marketing. In 2005 Glossinger Holdings Inc. purchased from Sun Cleaning the client’s lists and list of independent contractors. That company started in 1989 and was serving Broward county. So Glossinger Holdings Inc. is the parent company that does business as Sun Cleaning for marketing purposes, etc.

Glossingere Holding inc. also owns the Twitter handle “Maid Service”

If you have any questions feel free to call us at any time. 954-797-8686