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House CLeaning

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There is nothing better to come back to a clean home! We have been cleaning houses and apartments for over 25 years throughout South Florida! We treat every situation uniquely and customize each cleaning service according to your needs.

Home Cleaning Service Types

Hourly Cleaning

This method allows you to customize any cleaning performed on an hourly basis. This is our most used program and it is a real winner. This is a traditional maid service: we clean floors, cabinets, bathrooms, dust, and any other rooms in the house.  We are currently doing over 750 houses a month! Call us now for an estimate: (954) 797-8686 or (954) 255-0070.

Move in/ Move Out Cleaning

If you are moving in or out give us call and we will send in a team of professionals. They will either get your place ready to go, or get it ready for move out. Remove one of the many stresses of moving houses and let us help you out!

Weekly/Monthly Cleaning Service

We offer weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleaning services as well, should you want us to keep cleaning your home. We also have clients that even have our teams come twice a week, as stated above we accommodate to your individual needs to keep you happy!

Post Party Cleanup

Call us for that post party mess that you do not want to handle yourself. We can quote your for individual rooms if the event you have planned will only take place in a main area such as the kitchen, living area, or dining room.

What We Do Not Do

Please keep in mind that although we offer cleaning services there are things that we just do not clean such as: blood, human/pet/animal waste, any other human/pet/animal bodily fluids, and any home/office in hoarding like conditions. If you are moving in/out, we do not help you pack or unpack. Finally, we can help you with your laundry, toss it in the washer and dryer, but we do not help you iron your clothes. Thank you!

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